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We love to celebrate everyones achievements at Sacred Heart School


Mrs Everett's Star Award

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 Reception - Esme for being outstanding in everything she does.

 Year 1 - Riley for being an extremely helpful member of the class.
 Year 2 - All of year  2 for working so hard on their Come & See assembly.
 Year 3 - All of year 3 for amazing behaviour on our Stone Age trip.
 Year 4 - Karoilina for always putting 100% effort into everything.
 Year 5 - 
 Year 6 - Zoe for hard work in all areas.

Reading Skills Award

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Jonah for practising his phoinc sounds at home.

Year 1 Nadia for a fantastic attitude to reading and trying hard to read CVC words.
Year 2 Samuel for amazing effort with his online reading.
Year 3

Olivia for confidence and enthusiasm to read aloud in front of the class.

Year 4 Aimee for excellent answers in our guided reading sessions.
Year 5 Rabin for trying so hard to understand inference in guided reading
Year 6 Anna for excellent progress on reading plus.


Arts Ambassador


Reception -  Ruby for making a fantastic clay hedgehog.

Year 1 - David for beautiful pictures on his story mat.

Year 2 - Gabrielle for a beautiful new beginnings sunrise in come & See

Year 3 - Ryan for an informative, vibrant Spanish flag.

Year 4 - Liam for an excellent sketch of a Greek temple.

Year 5 -Jayda for her excellent viking sketches.

Year 6 - Aneeta for her creative stain glass window in Come & See.



Writing Award

 Reception - Phoebe for writing her own name beautifully.

Year 1 - Davinia for working hard to create fantastic labels and captions.

Year 2 - Dylan for a brilliant recount of our tortoise visit.

Year 3 - Keanne for always beautifully presenting her work.

Year 4 - Alaska for an excellent set of instructions for her Hot Write.

Year 5 - Fabian for an absolutely amazing diary entry.

Year 6  -Destiny for fabulous use of descriptive language.



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