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We love to celebrate everyones achievements at Sacred Heart School


Mrs Everett's Star Award

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 Reception - Phoebe for being a lovely kind and well behaved member of the class.

 Year 1 - Lottie for laways having a great attitude to learning and trying her best.
 Year 2 - Ben for alawys trying hard, always being loving, always being respectful and always being a star!
 Year 3 -  Aston for always showing a positive and respectful attitude.
 Year 4 - Oliver for always making us smile and being a great character in our class.
 Year 5 - Michelle for her beautiful writer's voice and being a faithful friend.
 Year 6 - Rhys for a great attitude and effort in his work.

Reading Skills Award

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Year 1 Nadia for an amazing improvement with her phonics score.
Year 2 Angel for always reading at home.
Year 3


Year 4  
Year 5 Tilly for excellent answers in guided reading this week.
Year 6 Riley for working so hard developing his reading skills at home and at school.


Arts Ambassador


Reception - 

Year 1 - Fantastic work keeping the pulse in music.

Year 2 - Isabelle for great understanding of the pulse in music.

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5 - Gabby for great creative work on Biomes in Geopgraphy

Year 6 - Lara for an excellent effort when practising her new song for PAN.



Writing Award

 Reception - 

Year 1 -  Phoebe for lovely descriptions of the characters in our story.

Year 2 - Eesa for writing some excellent instructions for looking after a guinea pig.

Year 3 - 

Year 4 - 

Year 5 - Jayda for super sentences to persuade.

Year 6  - Jazmin for an amazing effort with her writing and her English vocabulary.



Tasty Team of the week

Bouncing Bananas






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