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Welcome to Science at Sacred Heart!

At Sacred Heart, children are able to discover, explore and investugate the world around them. Children experience science through trips, hands-on investigations and cross curricular links to enhance and deepen their understanding of topics. Pupils in Key Stage 1 learn about plants, animals and habitats, everyday materials and seasonal changes. In Key Stage 2, they develop upon and learn about rocks, states of matter, electricity, light, living things and their habitats, sound, forces, Earth and space, animals including humans and evolution and inheritance.


Useful links for Science:

Try out these fun home experiments and investigations from the "why? and how?" website.


Children will be familiar with 'explorify' in school. Create a free account at home and explore the website's excellent activities.


Try these interactive videos and games on BBC Bitesize to help support children's science understanding at home.

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