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Duolingo is a free website and application suitable for anyone wanting to learn a new language. Simply create an account and choose the language you would like to learn more of in just daily, short lessons that cover all 4 language learning skill areas; reading, writing, speaking and listening. Duolingo can be accessed on Iphone, tablet, Ipad and computers/laptops. 


BBC KS2 Spanish

Following the BBC website will take you to a variety of short, child friendly videos that allow the children to see and compare the Spanish culture to our British culture. Within our language curriculum, we aim to steer away from the stereotypical thoughts of Spanish culture and embrace the true meaning of what it’s like to speak and live in Spain 🇪🇸. The videos range from school routines, to home routines as well as numbers, food and drink and even songs, rhymes and poems for the children to explore and join in with.



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