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Hello and welcome from your School and Eco Councillors.

Diary Dates for ECO/School council meetings.

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Hello, we are school Council, we are here today to tell you all about what we have done in our school council meetings.

Firstly, we took a vote to decide when our sessions will take place. From this our sessions will take place on a Thursday morning.

Then, we talked about our British values and contributions to summarise how we can be a better school council and better ideas. After that, we took pictures to show our brilliant school Council team and to share back a positive message.

We also shared something positive about each other to show that we can be a good leader and a better council team and a better attitude towards the school.

We are taking turns on with jobs, typing up and writing down idea’s that you might like in our school. Every Thursday we have a meeting and talk about how we can improve the school and talk about new idea’s... want to write your suggestion down? Please do!

Check out our ECO display board in the school hall where you will find suggestion slips and information on upcoming events.

We shared all our idea’s and made a positive statement about ourselves and how we could  improve areas around the school.

Find out below which class have been our recycling champions this week

Eco award  Year Group



Rose and Rosebud awards for tidiest classrooms               






Year 6





Messsage from our School and Eco Councillors

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We aim to make our lovely school an even better place to

live, love and learn.









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