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Mrs Everett's Star Award


 Reception - Zara for always giving 100% to everything she does, we are so proud.

 Year 1 - Remi for always being so kind, loving and a welcoming friend to all.

 Year 2 - Anabel for your excellent determination in everything you do.
 Year 3 - Tabitha for settling into our Year 3 family so well.
 Year 4 - All of year 4 for being calm, focused and well prepared in our timestables test. We are so prouid of you all.
 Year 5 - Javan for always trying his best in all areas of school life.

 Year 6 -Meeval for being an enthusiastic and kind member of our class.


Reading Skills Award

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Reception - .Presley for amazing focus and effort during phonics and guided reading sessions.


Year 1- William for excellent fluency when reading.  
Year 2 - Thomas for having such a great love for reading.


Year 3- Gabi C for her enthusiasm and love for reading.


Year 4 - Gabrielle for reading aloud with beautiful expression.  
Year 5 - Elizabeth for showing resilience and doing her very best in her benchmarking.  
Year 6 - Aaron for always showing lots of enthusism with reading.


Star Writer" Poster by WriterPosts | Redbubble Reception - Lenny for fantastic application of sounds in his writing.

Year 1 - Sophia for always using beautiful handwriting and excellent vocabulary in her work.

Year 2 - Torres for your beautiful handwriting and attention to detail and description in your letter writing.

Year 3 - Phoebe for her fantastic poem in our animal poetry.

Year 4 - Angel for beautiful, imaginative writing in your Haiku poem. 

Year 5 - Ethan for his amazing ideas and great vocabulary in your diary entry.

Year 6  - Naomi for producing well thought out engaging writing.


Science Award

science class - Clip Art Library

Reception  - David for exploring the concoction corner and learning new vocabulary.

Year 1 - Matus for great work identifying trees by their leaves.

Year 2 - Hayfield for being kind and considerate towards all the living things we found in our earth worm survey.

Year 3 - Nadia for using fantastic investigation skills during our WOW starter.

Year 4 - Eesa for excellent explanantions of the features of a torch.

Year 5 - Haris for fabulous work in our dispersal lesson.

Year 6 - Daisy for always showing great work in our Science lesson.





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